The Palestinian Authority, with the help of some European organizations, is planning to launch an initiative that would make it impossible for additional Jewish communities to be built in the West Bank. The PA plans to plant trees throughout the West Bank, driving a wedge between the Israeli areas.

Ma’ale Adumim

Ma’ale Adumim Photo Credit: Mark Neiman/GPO

The Palestinian Authority’s union of agricultural committees is leading, along with several European organizations, an initiative to plant trees throughout the West Bank, especially in Area C, which is under Israel’s complete control. The Palestinians and European groups want to drive an agricultural wedge between the Israeli areas in the West Bank.

The initiative was formulated in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The mass planting will focus on Jerusalem and the surrounding areas: East Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim, the E1 zone, Jericho and Gush Etzion.

The cultivation of land, even if it is in an area under full Israeli control, creates complications for the State of Israel. In the West Bank, cultivated land is almost automatically considered land over which a Palestinian can file a private ownership claim. In such a case, it is impossible to build on the land and establish Israeli settlements there.

Israeli Civil Administration officials, who learned about the initiative on Monday, said that they are prepared for every possible scenario, provocation or attempt to carry out building infractions or mass planting.