At the Beersheba District Court on Sunday, the parents of the IDF soldier who was murdered in last month’s Arad terror attack demanded that the terrorists receive the death penalty. The father said that he would make sure that his son’s murderers and their family members who helped them carry out the attack are “behind bars or not here at all.”

Watch: Father calls the terrorists who murdered his son ‘dogs’

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The parents of IDF soldier Ron Yitzhak Kokia, who was murdered in a terror attack in Arad about a month ago, are demanding that their son’s murderers receive the death penalty or a long prison sentence. The two brothers from Kuseife were indicted today (Sunday) at the Beersheba District Court.

Immediately after the suspects, Khaled Abu Jaudah and Zahi Abu Jaudah, entered the courtroom with their faces covered, Kokia’s father yelled: “Show your faces, dogs, cowards, human scum!”

“I’m calling on the court to be strict with the murderers and their relatives who contributed to the murder with their criminal behavior,” he said, adding that his family deserves to see the murderers pay for their actions. He also said that the terrorists and their family should compensate the state. Kokia’s mother said that she “hopes to see the terrorist with a black bag over his head but we probably won’t get a hanging nor a death sentence.”

Ron's parents

Ron’s parents Photo Credit Israel News Company

The father called on all the citizens of Israel, Jews and Bedouins alike, to denounce the terrorists’ relatives and boycott them. “This will be a clear message from everyone against violence of any kind and for any reason,” he said. “This is violence that affects everyone.” Kokia’s father added that he will make sure that his son’s murderers are “behind bars or not here at all.”