Hundreds of policemen, military police personnel, dog units and volunteers took part in a police raid in the south of Israel to seize and illegal firearms held by civilians. The loot: about 300 handguns, hunting rifles, sniper guns, and other ammo. Southern District Commander Yoram Halevi: “We prevented the weapons from reaching the hands of criminal organizations”

A special operation in the South: less than a week before the Seder, police announced the capture of hundreds of weapons and ammo, held without a permit in the southern district, during a wide ranging operation under the title “Law and Order”. Southern District Commander, Yoram Halevi, said: “we prevented these firearms from reaching the hands of criminal organizations”. 

Against the backdrop of the continued struggle against crime, the Southern District Commander decided to launch an unprecedented operation throughout the area, including hundreds of policemen, military police personnel, dog units and volunteers, police said. 

Israel police spokesperson

“The purpose of the operation is to prevent the dangerous phenomenon of weapons being unlawfully held by civilians”, said Commander Halevi.

During 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, dozens of weapons were stolen during break-ins in the south, including 36 handguns, as well as a hunting gun and ammo. “This statistic emphasizes the enormous importance of such operations”, police said.