Muad Amar, a market worker who tried to warn people of the shooting, was beaten and injured by a mob who mistook him for the terrorist.

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One of the six people injured during Thursday’s stabbing attack near the Petah Tikva market was Muad Amar, an Israeli-Arab who works at the market. Amar was brutally beaten by an angry mob who mistook him for the terrorist.

The beating didn’t stop even after Amar took out his blue ID card. Police officers were eventually able to pull him away from the crowd, and he was taken to Rabin Medical Center with multiple injuries.

“I told people to keep their heads down because of the shooting,” Amar later told Channel 2 News. “I tried to help, but instead of being grateful they attacked me.”

The terrorist, 18-year-old Sadeq Abu Mazen, was later captured by civilians on a nearby street, his improvised weapon still in his hand.