In a statement on Tuesday, the Israel Police said that it has arrested eight individuals suspected of failing to prevent the deadly stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Sunday. Two were released after questioning and six will brought in to court later on Tuesday.

Scene of the terror attack

Scene of the terror attack Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Eight suspects were arrested in Jerusalem’s old city for failing to act on Sunday when a terrorist fatally stabbed 32-year-old Adiel Kolman, said the Israel Police in a statement on Tuesday. Police officials also said that the investigation of the stabbing attack revealed that the terrorist acted with premeditated nationalistically-motivated intentions.

The suspects, residents of Jerusalem’s old city whose ages range from 15 to 67, were arrested on charges of “failing to prevent a crime.” Two were released after questioning and six will be brought before court justices on Tuesday.

The Israel Police said that it has reinforced security in Jerusalem in its old city in recent months in order to better prevent such cases. “The quick, immediate and determined response of police officers to every incident is a direct result of the operational deployment throughout the Jerusalem district,” police officials said in a statement.

On Monday, hundreds of people attended the funeral of Kolman, a father of four. The ceremony was held in Kokhav HaShahar, a settlement near Jerusalem. Kolman worked at the City of David Museum and was on his way home from work when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed him. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene by a police officer. Kolman succumbed to his wounds at the hospital a few hours after the attack.

Following the attack, IDF, Shin Bet and Border Police forces mapped the terrorist’s house in Aqraba for demolition and interrogated his family. The terrorist has been identified as Abed al-Rahman Fadel, a 28-year-old father of two who carried a valid entry permit to Jerusalem. Israel’s security forces believe that Fadel acted alone and was not connected to a terrorist group.