Two women from the Czech Republic, who were on their way to the Dead Sea, entered into the West Bank Palestinian village of Taqua. Israeli officers followed them and led them out while their car was being stoned by locals.

Watch: The police officers follow the car into the village
Video credit: Israel Police

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Israel Police officers on Wednesday rescued two women, tourists from the Czech Republic, whose car was stoned after they entered a Palestinian village by mistake.

The incident occurred during a routine police traffic duty. The officers spotted a car with an Israeli license plate entering the Palestinian village of Taqua near Bethlehem. Assuming it was a mistake, they followed the car into the village and signaled the driver to stop.

When the officers approached the car, it turned out that the two women in it had gotten lost on their way to the Dead Sea.


As the officers were leading the women out of the village, local residents who had gathered at the scene began to throw stones at the car. One of the officers fired a shot into the air in order to disperse them.