Hundreds gathered in Tel Aviv in order to urge the government to recognize the abduction of Yemenite children during the 1950s as a crime committed by the state.

Photo credit: TPS/Channel 2 News

Hundreds gathered outside the government building in Tel Aviv Monday to call on the state to formally recognize the kidnapping of Yemenite-born Israeli children during Israel’s early years.

Demonstrators held up signs demanding to recognize the infamous scandal as a crime committed by the state. Some representatives from the Knesset were also present, including MK Isaac Herzog, the chairman of the opposition.

In late 2016, Israel released the classified protocols of three inquiry commissions that investigated the affair, revealing information regarding the disappearance of the children as well as shocking testimonies about medical experiments conducted on them.

Prior to a previous demonstration, which took place in Jerusalem in June, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked publicly supported the organizers’ cause, saying the government “must acknowledge the need to promote a better understanding of this notorious affair through education and study.”