Usually, the Purim forecasts are filled with rain showers and low temperatures but this year’s forecast is completely different: Warm weather hit Israel today and tomorrow is expected to bring even higher temperatures. However, the rain showers and low temperatures will return on the weekend.

Heat wave during Purim 2016

Heat wave during Purim 2016 Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

This year’s Purim forecast is significantly different than those of previous years. Tomorrow (Thursday), a heat wave, which is expected to fill the air with dust, will be making its way across Israel. Today, many Israelis already felt the increased temperatures.

During tomorrow’s Purim celebrations, it is advised not to stand for a long period of time due to the heat. In addition, it is recommended to drink a significant amount of water, wear a hat, stay as long as possible in shaded areas and avoid wearing heavy costumes.


Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

On Saturday, the weather will change drastically. Clouds will fill the skies and rain showers will appear across Israel. Temperatures are also expected to decrease on Saturday and in the beginning of next week.