David Ramati, who was injured Friday when a Palestinian terrorist rammed into him, says he was carrying a gun but could not reach it in time. A second victim was severely injured in the attack.

The knife carried by the terrorist

The knife carried by the terrorist Photo credit: Channel 2 News

“I saw a big smile on his face,” David Ramati, who was injured in Friday’s terror attack in Gush Etzion, said in his hospital bed as he described seeing the Palestinian assailant, moments before he rammed his car into him.

Ramati was on his way to work when he spotted a large vehicle ploughing towards him. “I tried to reach for my gun but I realized that I had no time,” he recounted. “He was coming at me at full speed. I jumped to the vineyard but he managed to push me 10-11 meters.”

“When I realized I wasn’t dead I got up,” he continued. “My face was all covered with blood from the hit. I went back onto the road and I found a good Jew who called the police and an ambulance. Within five minutes I was on the way to the hospital.”

A 17-year-old Palestinian from the city of Halhul near Hebron rammed his car into two Israelis in two different intersections in Gush Etzion. The other victim, aged 35, was reported to have been severely injured and is expected to undergo surgery.