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Palestinians reportedly plan ‘tent city’ protest along the Gaza border

Palestinian activists have told reporters that they are organizing a six-week protest that would involve the establishment of a “tent city” along the Israel-Gaza border. Speaking to Reuters, the organizers said they expect the participation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Border fence in southern Israel Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have told reporters that they are planning a six-week-long protest starting March 30 in the form of a tent city along the Israeli border. Speaking to Reuters on Wednesday, the organizers said the protesters will demand that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes.

The organizers said the protest would end on May 15, the date Palestinians mark as the “Nakba”, which surrounds the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The protest is reportedly supported by several Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, including the Hamas terrorist organization. The organizers said the protest was being planned for hundreds of thousands of people who will live in tents erected at safe points along the border.

Clashes regularly erupt between Palestinian rioters and IDF soldiers along the Gaza border in southern Israel. Last month The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Israeli troops have disposed of a bomb placed near the Gaza border fence. The bomb was placed near the fence during riots two weeks ago, after which a similar bomb exploded and injured four IDF soldiers.

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