Amid the high tensions in Israeli towns along the Gaza Strip border following the detection and bombing of a terrorist tunnel in the area, the IDF Home Front Command reevaluated the situation and lifted the limitations on school activities.

Hamas tunnel (Archives)

Hamas tunnel (Archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Schools will return to business as usual in Eshkol Regional Council along the Gaza Strip border after their activities were restricted following the IDF bombing of the terrorist tunnel detected within Israeli territory. The IDF Home Front Command lifted the limitations, which included the cancellation of all outdoor activities, after reevaluating the situation.

The strike on the tunnel resulted in at least 10 deaths of senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad members. IDF officials clarified that the senior members were injured during evacuation and not as a direct result of the IDF’s attack. “This was a defensive action against a violation of sovereignty. The explosion’s purpose was to disable [the tunnel] and prevent its use entirely,” IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis explained on Monday. “We did not use any illegal or unknown means,” Manelis said, stressing that there was no intention to eliminate senior terrorists.

Strike on terrorist tunnel

Strike on terrorist tunnel Photo Credit: Channel 2 News