As time passes, rescue forces are getting less and less optimistic about finding the missing youths alive.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Police forces are still searching for the three Israeli youths who went missing in the Sea of Galilee on Wednesday morning after being swept away by winds.

The searches are mainly being conducted using police boats and fishing boats from the nearby Kibbutz Ein Gev. The family members of the missing youths are still present at the scene, hoping for the safety of their loved ones, though chances of finding them alive are getting slimmer with each passing hour.

Earlier, some family members complained about what they described as the slow response of police forces. “At 10:30 we were at the police station and we told them they were missing,” said Netanel, whose brother Nachman is missing. “It’s been seven hours and nothing’s been done. They could have saved him by now.”