Police are working to determine whether shooting the Palestinian, who threw stones at a group of teen boys on a hiking trip, was justified considering the level of danger he posed.

The scene of the shooting

The scene of the shooting Photo credit: Channel 2 News

A day after two Israeli settlers shot and killed a Palestinian who attacked a group of teens during a hiking trip, the Israel Police on Friday questioned them under caution for suspected negligent homicide.

The police are looking into whether or not the danger posed by the attackers, who threw stones at the teenagers, was strong enough to merit the shooting.

On Friday morning, the Palestinian’s family agreed to an autopsy after initially refusing to allow it.

The group of boys had set off on their hike from the settlement of Migdalim and were walking towards the settlement of Kida. When they arrived near the Palestinian village of Qusra, they were attacked by several local residents. Two of the parents shot and killed one of the assailants.