During the alarm in Rehovot, the car’s door was jammed, and in the last minute, Yair 4.5 year old managed to get out of the car, suddenly his parents saw home front command soldiers embracing the son and protecting him instead of defending himself. The picture received positive emotions and comments, “I had to picture this moving moment” said the mother of Yair to channel 2 news.

Yair and the two soldiers

Yair and the two soldiers Lee Aviv Dadon

It happened yesterday at 1pm, Lee Aviv Dadon – 34 year old, and her husband Barak drove with their child, 4.5 years old, when suddenly an alarm went off, the door was jammed and the parents panicked. Yair managed to get out of the car through another door, and then the couple witnessed an emotional sight, home front command officers grabbed and embraced the son to protect him. The mother took footage of the incident and uploaded the picture, which caused a lot of positive feedback.

“As we entered our neighborhood in Rehovot the alarm went off.” Said Dadon. “We stopped at the side of the road, a vehicle in front of us also stopped, and 4 officers from the home front command exited the vehicle, and instead of protecting themselves they protected my son.” Her husband took the baby out of the car, and asked her wife to help Yair out of the car. “Everyone were hiding in cover, it was very stressful while I struggled with the car door, and when he ran for cover. I suddenly saw two home front command soldiers embracing him, it was simply amazing, and I asked them for permission to photo the moment.” The soldiers who do not know the family, simply acted on instinct to protect the child, and even after the alarm they spoke with the child to make sure he is relaxed and calm. “I thanked them, I was really emotional, Yair was calm”.

immediately after the event, she knew she has to do something, and uploaded the picture, “I wanted everyone to see the true face of our moral and human soldiers who protect other instead of themselves.”