A FedEx and UN plane nearly crashed into each other on Tuesday. The UN plane had rerouted on its way to the Sinai Peninsula for reasons not yet known.

FedEx courier plane

FedEx courier plane Photo Credit: Thomas R Machnitzki/Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday morning, two planes came extremely close to crashing over Tel Aviv. A United Nations plane, which was headed from Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv to Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, nearly crashed into a FedEx Boeing 757.

The UN small utility plane was scheduled to travel north towards Herzliya at 5,000 feet in the air but instead flew south, heading straight into the path of the FedEx aircraft. The FedEx plane was coming from Europe to land at Ben Gurion Airport.

A crash was reportedly avoided with five seconds to spare as both aircraft were traveling at a combined speed of about 430 mph. The FedEx pilot was able to detect the dangerous situation and changed course. The planes passed each other only 60 meters apart.

Israeli aviation authorities are inquiring to the UN about the sudden flight detour that nearly devastated both aircraft.