An undercover police operation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem ended with the arrest of 22 arms traffickers, some of whom are linked to terrorist groups. Weapons and explosives that were in the suspects’ possession were confiscated by police.

Some of the weapons

Some of the weapons Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

The Israel Police revealed on Monday that 22 arms traffickers were arrested and a significant amount of drugs, explosives, weapons, cash and ammunition were confiscated in East Jerusalem as a six-month undercover operation came to an end.

As part of the operation, an officer went undercover in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and eventually purchased 11 explosive devices, various firearms and ammunition. The undercover cop collected evidence on the main suspects, some of whom are even members of Palestinian terrorist groups.

Among the suspects are several Palestinians who served prison sentences in Israel for terrorist activities and a Palestinian police officer. The Israel Police explained that the undercover officer established his reputation among the suspects and gained their trust before he carried out dozens of weapons transactions with them.