During a Haredi protest, young fans of Jerusalem’s Beitar soccer team were filmed throwing stones at a group of demonstrators blocking the road. Israel Police officers managed to disperse the crowd and are investigating damage done to a nearby house. No injuries were reported from the incident.

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Fans of Jerusalem’s Beitar soccer team were filmed throwing rocks at the dozens of Haredi protestors who were blocking the roads and preventing vehicles from driving through the area. The fans had been returning from a soccer match when they came across the protesters.

In the video published on the “Behadrei Haredim” site, the Beitar fans can be seen hurling stones and cement blocks at the ultra-Orthodox protestors and yelling curses at them. The Haredi men responded by throwing stones at the Beitar fans. The Israel Police said that there were no injuries from the incident.

The Haredi protesters had reportedly blocked traffic by pushing burning garbage cans into the street. They continued to block the roads until the police arrived and dispersed the crowd. A resident of the area reported that the window of his house was damaged by one of the thrown rocks and the police are investigating the incident.