Israeli authorities are facing tough questions after three Palestinian terrorists were able to walk freely in Israeli territory for several hours. At one point, they were filmed by a security camera passing by the entrance to Kibbutz Ze’elim.

Watch: The three terrorists near Kibbutz Ze’elim

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The IDF is still looking into how three Palestinian terrorists were able to cross the border into Israel and wander about for several hours before being caught.

Footage from a security camera located in Kibbutz Ze’elim shows the three Palestinians walking freely near the open entrance gate. Boaz Kretschmer, the chairman of the Kibbutz, said the footage “undermines the feeling of security” and should serve as “a wake-up call.”

“Ze’elim is located 20 km away from the border, but that didn’t stop the terrorists from getting to it,” Kretschmer added. “It was only by luck that a tragedy didn’t happen today.”

According to a preliminary IDF inquiry, the three Palestinians crossed the security fence during the night. After receiving an alert signal about the infiltration, troops arrived at the location but found nothing. It was only after dawn that IDF forces launched extensive searches in the area after spotting footsteps.

The three Palestinians were caught armed with knives and grenades just 200 meters away from one of the largest military bases in the country. They had walked all the way from the border for about five hours, passing by towns and kindergartens on their way.

IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said the successful entry of the Palestinians “shouldn’t have happened” and “had a very serious potential to have resulted in a terror attack.”