Just two days after a security guard was injured in a stabbing attack near the settlement of Karmei Tzur, a Palestinian man on Thursday evening tried to break into a car and stab the driver at an intersection in the very same area.

Karmei Tzur

Karmei Tzur Photo credit: Elyashiv Livyatan, TPS

A Palestinian man on Thursday evening tried to stab a woman near the settlement of Karmei Tzur after she stopped her car to allow him to cross the road, according to reports.

The man reportedly tried to break into the woman’s car and stab her and two hitchhikers who were in the back seat. Luckily, the car was locked and the woman was able to drive away.

The settlement stated that a similar incident had taken place at the same intersection a few months back, when shots were fired at a moving car. “After the shooting, security around the intersection was increased,” it said, “but for a while now the guard posts have been empty, making the intersection dangerous to those coming in or going out of Karmei Tzur.”

“We call upon the security forces to increase the security once again. By miracle, today’s incident ended without any casualties, but if the situation isn’t changed we may see similar incidents ending differently.”

These reports come just two days after a 34-year-old Israeli security guard was stabbed near the same settlement. The terrorist, Hamza Zamareh from Halhul, was shot dead by IDF troops.