Workers in Israel’s Postal Service are scheduled to go on strike tomorrow in protest of a recent decision to lay off dozens of employees.

A sign in a postal office says

A sign in a postal office says “Strike Here” in Hebrew. Photo Credit: Channel 2

Tomorrow, all post offices across the country are expected to be closed, after the workers went on strike today in central branches following a labor dispute.

Workers are protesting the management’s intention to lay off about 2,000 employees resulting from the extensive restructuring process, claiming that the planned lay-off was not coordinated with them. The workers are protesting measures for what is being called “abusive conduct and one-sided behavior of the management of the company.”

Before Passover, the director of the Israel Postal Service ordered the cutting of overtime work hours that along with the decision to lay off dozens of workers during the process of negotiations on reforming the company. “This directive has created heavy workloads at post offices , with significant damage to their working conditions and to salaries of employees,” said the Histadrut in a statement.