Amid the scandal surrounding the controversial recording, the Israeli prime minister’s office said on Saturday that Yair Netanyahu will not be joining his parents on a diplomatic trip to India. The young Netanyahu was scheduled to join the Israeli prime minister and his wife for a visit marking 25 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and India.

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu Photo Credit: Flash90

Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will not be joining his parents on a scheduled diplomatic visit to India. The Netanyahu couple is expected to leave Saturday night for a nearly week-long visit to India, where the prime minister is set to meet his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. The announcement comes amid the recent scandal surrounding a recording from 2015 involving the young Netanyahu.

The Prime Minister’s Bureau declined to respond to questions concerning a possible connection between the recording and the change of plans regarding Yair. The visit will mark the 25-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between the countries. Six months ago, Modi came to Israel for a historic visit, becoming the first Indian prime minister to visit the country.

“I intend to strengthen the relations between the countries even more,” said Netanyahu ahead of the trip. “The visit is an opportunity to tighten the cooperation with a world power in the economic, security, technology and tourism fields. Prime Minister Modi is a close friend of mine and of Israel and I appreciate the fact that he is personally escorting me for the majority of the visit.” 12-year-old Moshe Holtzberg, who lost both his parents in the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai at a Chabad Lubavitch Jewish center, will also be joining Netanyahu on his visit to India.

As previously reported by JOL, Netanyahu commented on the scandalous audio recording of his son Yair on Tuesday. “My son Yair said ridiculous things under the influence of alcohol,” Netanyahu stated. In the tape, the young Netanyahu can be heard making derogatory and lewd remarks about women after a night out at several Tel Aviv strip clubs. “My wife and I taught [our children] to respect every person as they are and to respect every woman as they are,” said the prime minister. “This is the reason I firmly oppose the exclusion of women and work to empower women.”