Lee Levi, an Israeli model who dated Yair Netanyahu for a brief period in 2015, has responded to the recording of the prime minister’s son talking disrespectfully about women. She said that when Yair mentioned one of his ex-girlfriends in the tape, he was most likely talking about her.

Lee Levi

Lee Levi Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot

Yair Netanyahu’s ex-girlfriend Lee Levi has responded to the explosive recording released last night (Monday) in which the Israeli prime minister’s son is heard talking to his friends about his evening with exotic dancers. She said that just because Yair and his friends were apparently intoxicated does not excuse their disgusting remarks about women.     

Levi wrote in a Facebook report that when Yair was talking about an ex-girlfriend in the tape, he was most likely referring to her. “It’s important for me to clarify and speak my opinion about the content of the recorded conversation,” she added. “It’s important for me to stress that the disgusting feeling [I got when I heard the recording] is not from the fact that maybe some of the things were said about me but because of the fact that even today, in our world, there are those who think and talk in a way that harms and degrades us women.”

“If there’s something today that I regret and even feel a huge embarrassment about, it is the fact that I was the girlfriend, albeit just for a short period, of a person who holds such dark opinions on women,” she said before concluding her post with a message in English. “WE ARE WOMAN AND WE STRONGER THEN EVER.”

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu Photo Credit: Mark Israeli Sellem/POOL/Flash90

In the tape, Yair is heard offering to “set up” his friends with one of his ex-girlfriends. The name of Yair’s former girlfriend was omitted from the recordings due to privacy laws.