The relatives of Niv Nehamia, who was seriously injured in a stabbing attack about a month ago, are demanding that 19-year-old terrorist Ismail Abu Aram be considered a murderer even though he was only charged with attempted murder. “The evil terrorist must pay the price,” they said.

Niv at Kaplan Medical Center

Niv at Kaplan Medical Center Photo Credit: Efrat Sarrah/Kaplan Medical Center/Channel 2 News

After the prosecution filed an indictment against the 19-year-old terrorist who stabbed and critically injured Niv Nehamia about a month ago in Yavne, the family of the victim is demanding that Ismail Abu Aram be considered a murderer. Even though Abu Aram was charged with attempted murder, the Nehamia family is asking that he be accused of a greater offense. “Niv acted as a human shield and prevented a graver terror attack from taking place,” his relatives claimed. “The evil terrorist must pay the price.”  

“It appears as if the terrorist confessed to the attempted murder of Niv because he is Jewish,” explained the family’s lawyer. “According to criminal law, the attempt to commit such a crime is as if the crime was committed and the family considers the terrorist a murderer and he should receive a punishment accordingly. The family is calling on the prime minister and defense minister to demolish the terrorist’s home even though his attempt to murder failed.”

Earlier today, JOL News reported that according to the indictment, Abu Aram committed the crime as part of the religious radicalization that started when he visited Saudi Arabia during Ramadan. “The suspect demonstrated extreme composure in his actions and planned the terrorist attack to the last detail,” the indictment read.

The prosecution is claiming that Abu Aram decided to murder a Jewish Israeli citizen as an act of jihad. He wanted to stab his former employer but when he couldn’t find him, he decided to find a different Israeli and stabbed him with a 15-centimeter long knife.