The Israeli national basketball team suffered its second loss within two days during the European Basketball Championships being held in Tel Aviv. Despite playing a good first half, the players were not able to keep up with Lithuania’s pace during the most crucial moments of the game.

Israel’s 2nd loss in 2 days

Israel’s 2nd loss in 2 days Photo Credit: ONE/Channel 2 News

The Israeli national basketball team lost last night (Saturday) in Tel Aviv to Lithuania 83-73 in the second game of the European Basketball Championships. The Israeli team, who lost the first round against Italy, has now lost two out of five games, despite having the home-court advantage. Italy and Germany are at the top of the bracket, both with winning streaks of 2-0. Afterwards, Lithuania and Georgia each have one loss, while both Israel and the Ukraine still have not won any games.

The first quarter, in which Israel played spectacularly, ended with a 19-23 score with Israel in the lead. Later on, point guard Gal Mekel and power forward Lior Eliyahu entered the game well however on the other hand, the difference in height under the basket was definitely felt as the Lithuanians accumulated a huge rebound advantage, utilizing their offensive rebounds quite frequently for easy points.

Towards the end of the first half, Israel played quite well ending the half with a close 37-38 score, with Lithuania in the lead. However, the third quarter is where it all went downhill for Israel, as Richard Howell was benched after four fouls. After that, Israel was unable to keep up with Lithuania.