Heavy blow for Israeli sprinter, Olga Lansky: the Israeli branch of the Anti Doping Committee charged her with failing to take a mandatory drug test, upon breaking the Israeli 100m sprinting record. The new record, 11.24 seconds, will be vacated and Lansky will be suspended from competition for six months

Olga Lansky

Olga Lansky National Sports Center

Sprinter Olga Lansky has been charged with avoiding a mandatory drug test, and her Israeli 100m sprinting record will be vacated – so determined the Israeli branch of the Olympic Anti Doping Committee, after a four and a half hour hearing. Upon hearing the verdict, Lanksy broke out in tears.

Later on, the 21-year-old sprinter was delivered a six-month suspension from competition. The anti doping committee demanded a two-year suspension, while Lansky’s lawyer argued that vacating the record would suffice. “This is a heavy punishment, and it is important as a deterrent,” said the committee’s attorney. Lansky’s attorney said he would appeal the decision. “She is the victim of a  media inspired hunt, and the committee is seeking to ruin the career of a young promising athlete,” he argued.

Lansky broke the mythological record previously held by Esther Ruth-Shachmarov, in a race two months ago. The sprinter completed the race in 11.24 seconds, and beat the record set by Shachmarov in the 1972 Munich Olympics by three hundredths of a second.

Except that Lanksy did not appear for a mandatory drug test following the race. According to Lansky, she missed the test in order to get to the airport to fly to Ukraine to visit her ailing grandfather. “On Saturday afternoon they called to tell me that the drug test was at 18:30, and I was already on the way, when they called to say that the test was cancelled,” explained Lansky from Ukraine.