Israeli Pride: Swimmer Mark Hinaui won the 400 meter freestyle heat in the Youth Olympic Games in Holland, setting a new record for his age. Ziv Kalntrov won bronze in the 200m backstroke.

Hinaui on the podium at the medal ceremony.

Hinaui on the podium at the medal ceremony. Photography: Channel 2

 The Israeli delegation in the European Youth Olympics in Utrecht saluted swimmer Mark Hinaui, who won the Gold Medal in the 400 meter freestyle heat, after finishing first and setting a new age group record.

Hinaui finished with a time of 3:57.73 minutes and passed his achievement from a previous competition by 2 seconds. Delegation Head Danny Oren was heard screaming “Gold! We’ve won Gold!”

 Meir Levia, cadet coach and Hinaui’s personal coach, said to the swimming union’s website: “We made all the preparation, the swimmer did not give up at any stage, and the results speak for themselves. It is an exciting moment for Israeli swimming and for the whole swimming delegation”.

Ziv Kalntrov did not disappoint either, meeting the high expectations off him. He broke the age group record in the 50 meter freestyle and advanced to the final from third place. Afterwards he swam 200 meters backstroke, finished 3rd and won the Bronze medal.