Next month, a new bill is expected to enter into circulation as the second banknote in a series of new bills. The bill is blue and the image on it is of Nathan Alterman. “We love you homeland, in happiness, in song and in hard work,” is written on the bill.

The new 200 NIS banknote

The new 200 NIS banknote Photo Credit: Bank of Israel/Channel 2 News

Bank of Israel is completing the last preparations for the new 200 NIS banknote to enter circulation. The bill is expected to start circulating next month but the exact date has yet to be announced.

Alterman will replace Zalman Shazar, the third President of Israel, who was the figure on the current 200 NIS banknote.

As part of the preparations for the new bill, The Currency Department of The Bank of Israel is asking all operators of vending machines and banknote counting machines to finish the calibration process for identifying the new bill in their machines. The new bill is equipped with advanced technology against forgery and also contains convenient identification markers for the blind.