Jordanian Opposition leader Mudar Zahran called upon Jordanians not to protest in front of the Israeli Embassy at a rally that was supported by the Jordanian media and the Muslim Brotherhood. As a result, the anti-Israel protests had a low turnout.

It has been reported that the Jordanian media and the Muslim Brotherhood within the country were calling for massive protests outside the Israeli Embassy in the wake of the unrest within Jerusalem.   Known Jordanian intelligence operatives and Jordanian government loyalists were publically promoting the protests on social media.  For example, anti-Israeli activist Allaa Malkaawi, who is a known Jordanian intelligence operative, was lobbying for and inciting the protests against the Israeli Embassy.

24 hours before the protests, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition Mudar Zahran released a video calling upon Jordanians not to attend the protests, warning them that it is a trap by the king in order to make himself appear as a savior for the Israelis: “Anyone attending the protests is either a Jordanian intelligence spy or simply a fool.” Zahran condemned the recent violence in the Israeli capital city and accused the Jordanian king of being behind the recent escalation in Jerusalem: “What is happening is the work of the king himself.”

He claimed that the king knows that his time is up and that his departure from power is just a matter of time. However, in order to buy more time, “he is calling upon people to march against the Israeli Embassy and to attack it. And then what happens? He sends his Police to beat you up and arrest you, and also to sexually harass your women. And then the king will put some of you on trial and perhaps he will send one of his spies to throw a Molotov cocktail at the embassy or fire shots. He might even claim they were ISIS members. That would be the big story for the king, making him look like the savior, sending a message to Israel and the West that if he falls, ISIS and the radicals would rule Jordan.”

Zahran pointed out that the king’s anti-Israel actions are very hypocritical: “The Jordanians know of the Faisal Weizmann agreement which your ancestors have signed that dictates that Palestine was to be divided. The agreement was to dedicate the Western part to the Jews. There was to be the Judaization of the western part of the British Mandate for Palestine including Jerusalem and that is the deed by which you became king and you could not become king without it. The agreement also states that Jordan should be the homeland for the Palestinian Arabs. After that, the king asks us to escalate violence against the Israelis? So he can give us pieces to claim that he is the moderate savior? Brothers, there is a trap awaiting you and whoever gets involved in tomorrow’s violence which is organized by the king’s intelligence is either a fool or a traitor and both are harmful to Jordan.”

Yitzchak Ben Gad, who formerly served as the Israel Consul General to Chicago, stressed that the Faisal Weizmann Agreement of 1919 “called the Zionist movement not imperialistic but nationalist and stressed that Palestine should be divided between Jews and Muslims. Zahran stressed, you are talking? Look at your ancestor. He is the one to divide Palestine. He is attacking the king, who is playing the game of defending the holy shrine. On the one hand, he is encouraging people to demonstrate and on the other hand, he is defending the relationship with Israel and showing the world he cares about the relationship but he will take these people and arrest them. The king is a kind of traitor. Al Aqsa will be under Jewish rule. That is the sin of his ancestor under King Faisal. He controlled all this area. The first sin of his ancestor was that he was the one who agreed to divide Palestine and to give the Jews a footstep in the land.” The great grandfather of King Abdullah II was King Abdullah I, who was the brother of King Faisal of Iraq who led the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans and signed the agreement with the Zionist Movement. Ben Gad confirmed that the Jordanian King “is doing something.”

Following the publication of this video clip, less than 200 people showed up to protest against the Israeli Embassy in Amman, even though they were calling for a million man march. The public in Amman did not appear to participate in the protests and photos that were published of the rally showed minimal participation. In Salt City, only a dozen protesters showed up. One of the main organizers of the anti-Israeli protests Alaa Malkawi posted on facebook: “The turnout rate was disappointing.” During the protests, Muslim Brotherhood members waved the Hashemite flag that resembles the Hamas flag. But Zahran concluded that the low turnout shows that these Muslim Brotherhood members only represent a small segment of the Jordanian population and that a large segment of the public listens to what the Jordanian Opposition Coalition has to state.

Photo Credit: Mudar Zahran

Photo Credit: Mudar Zahran