According to Syrian media reports, Israeli missiles were fired at an army post on the outskirts of Damascus late Monday night. Syria’s air defense system reportedly managed to intercept three of the missiles.

Watch: The alleged Israeli attack in Syria

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Foreign media outlets reported late Monday night that Israel attacked the Jamarya military complex on the outskirts of Damascus. According to Syrian and Russian news agencies, Israeli missiles were fired at the base at around 11:30 PM.

Syrian state TV reported that the air defense system managed to intercept three Israeli missiles. “The air defense forces were confronted by an Israeli missile attack,” Syria’s official SANA news agency reported. “The target was a military base in the Damascus suburbs.”

The alleged Israeli attack in Syria

The alleged Israeli attack in Syria Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Shortly after the reports of the alleged Israeli attack surfaced, Syrian media outlets affiliated with the government reported that sounds of explosions were heard west of Damascus. Earlier on Monday, satellite images that reveal the extent of Saturday’s alleged Israeli airstrike targeting an Iranian military base in Syria were released.

The ImageSat International company, using the Earth Remote Observation System-B (EROS-B) satellite, compared images of the site before and after the airstrike. The images reveal that a lot of the housing buildings in the base and a structure that may have been used as a munition storage facility were destroyed.