Female soldiers from the military band were humiliated by commander’s decision to exclude them from preforming in base event. IDF officials condemn the incident.

Female soldiers were not permitted to sing the national anthem

Female soldiers were not permitted to sing the national anthem

The performance of 3 IDF female singers, which was supposed to be performed in one of the IDF’s units, had been disrupted by 15 religious soldiers, who walked out of the hall in protest. Following the incident, the band had decided to ignore the scandal and continued the show until the Master Sergeant told them to end it. 

According to the military band, the female soldiers were about to start singing the national anthem as they received a clear message by the unit’s commander. “It had happened to us before,” one of the singers stated.  “We are well aware of religious soldiers who might walk out, yet it hurt us the most when commanders are encouraging such action.”

“At the end of our second song, we went back-stage, where the Master Sergeant waited for us and ordered us to finish the show as we are upsetting the religious solders,” she added.

The three had harshly reacted to the humiliation and mentioned that one of the other officers in charge also told them “as my subordinates, you will sing whenever I order you to do so.”

The IDF spokesperson’s unit said in response: “We are aware of the incident and already began examining it.  The exclusion of woman is not consistent with the values of the IDF.”