A Palestinian who was arrested after trying to cross the Israel-Gaza border fence told the IDF about Hamas’ ways of convincing citizens of Gaza, mainly women and children, to “let off steam” at the fence.

Watch: Gazan citizen exposes Hamas propaganda
Photo and video credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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The IDF released a video on Wednesday in which a Palestinian man speaks openly about how Hamas encourages Gazans to arrive at the border fence with Israel and take part in riots.

“They send us Facebook messages and texts telling us to come, and in the mosques they call on us to do it and they hand out fliers,” said the man, who was arrested by Israeli authorities on Tuesday after trying to cross over to the Israeli side of the fence. “They (Hamas) do these marches so that people don’t flip out on them. They say, ‘Instead of them getting mad at us, we’ll send them to the fence so they can let out their anger there.'”

“They’re the ones who tell the women to move forward (closer to the fence),” he added. “They tell women, ‘Go forward, you’re a girl. The army doesn’t shoot girls.’ And they tell the little kids the same thing.”

Earlier on Wednesday, a senior Hamas official stated that 50 out of the 62 killed in this week’s clashes were members of the terrorist organization.