A senior IDF officer said on Thursday that the military’s tunnel destruction operations are working because they have prompted Hamas to reconsider its strategy. According to the official, Israel’s deterrence against Hamas is strong and has successfully prevented the terrorist group from firing rockets at Israeli communities.

Watch: IDF destroys PIJ terror tunnel (Video Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

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The IDF released Thursday new footage and pictures of two terror tunnels. One of the tunnels was discovered and destroyed earlier this week. The other was discovered and destroyed in October. Meanwhile, a senior IDF official said that Hamas is reconsidering its use of attack tunnels because Israel’s advanced technology is allowing the military to detect and destroy the tunnels before the terrorist group has a chance to use them.

“Hamas suffered 23 losses in two months but has not fired rockets. This is how we know that our deterrence against it is strong,” the officer said. “We understand that it [Hamas] is in advanced stages in which it understands that the tunnel project is not worth it and that it is worthless for it to build new tunnels because it understands that we find the tunnels in a systematic way.”

Tunnel demolition in October

Tunnel demolition in October Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

As reported previously by JerusalemOnline, the IDF used concrete to destroy the terror tunnel earlier this week. The method was reportedly chosen due to the tunnel’s proximity to gas and fuel pipes, which would have made an explosion highly dangerous. The entrances to the tunnel before it was rendered useless are seen in some of the newly released IDF aerial footage.