Official Military Prosecutor Sharon Ofek related to the incident in Hebron where a soldier shot a neutralized terrorist and argued that focusing on the topic could harm the ability of the commanders to act in an operation: “We won’t accept decisions based upon public opinion.”

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“The ensuing dialogue on social media damages the IDF and the commanders,” Official Military Prosecutor Brigadier General Sharon Ofek stated during a conference hosted by the Israel Bar Association held in Eilat.

Brigadier General Ofek stressed that the IDF and its commanders must be engaged in fulfilling their missions during security incidents while upholding IDF values: “Even at this time, the IDF is committed to its outlook and also in practice lives by these values. Not many militaries in the world can boast of having this.”

The Military Advocate General fears that the media discourse taking place after the soldier shot the neutralized terrorist in Hebron could cause damage to the IDF: “Recent commentaries were accompanied a stormy discourse on social media and the networks alongside opinion polls. The ensuing discourse might be harmful to the IDF and challenge the authority of the commanders in defining when it is permissible to open fire.”

He clarified that these commanders are required to operate and to clarify to the soldiers what is expected of them on the ground, which exists separate from the judicial process without harming it. He claimed that many things stated on social media are noted without knowledge regarding the facts and that they mislead the public: “There are elements who pretend to dictate how the system works. I want to clarify that the military justice system enjoys independence. We don’t make decisions based upon opinion polls.”