Military police discovered weapons, including an explosive device, guns and ammunition clips while performing a security check on a Palestinian car.

The confiscated weapons

The confiscated weapons Photography: IDF Spokesmanship

For the second time within two days, military police caught weapons being smuggled last night (Tuesday), and prevented an attack.

While performing a security check on a Palestinian vehicle last night north-west of Bethlehem, a soldier spotted hidden weapons under the back seat of the car. The discovered weapons were two “Carl Gustav” rifles and ammunition clips. The suspects were taken in for questioning. Earlier the same exact military unit, “Taoz”, found an explosive device that was left on an agricultural gate near Alfei Menashe.

One soldier’s alertness led him to search under the back seat of the car where he discovered the weapons. “The soldiers showed professionalism, determination and revealed two important incidents” said unit commander Amir Lazover.

In the last few days, following a situation assessment, the platoon was instructed to be on high alert at check points.