While the fighting in Gaza continues, two rockets fired from Lebanon landed near a house in the western Galilee. The IDF returned the fire over the border. Later, a barrage of rockets was fired on Ramat Ha-Golan. Five rockets landed in open areas.

The rocket fire continues

The rocket fire continues Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2

After a day of non-stop rocket attacks on the South, another sector has heated up.  The alarms sounded throughout the Galilee, Acre and the surrounding areas.  Many residents reported that explosions were heard in the area.  After a brief inspection, it turned out that two rockets landed in a Druze village.  Police and paramedics were called to the scene to locate the rocket fragments.

The Galilee Medical Center in Nahariyya absorbed 25 causalities in the north, including an eight-year-old girl whose head was cut from roof tiles collapsing and a 35-year-old man who suffered from injuries in his body. The condition of the two was defined as light. The rest of the victims suffered from shock. Among the injuries, eight were children between ages 2 and 14. Most of the injured were released during the night and in the morning; only four patients were left whose condition was defined as mild.

About three hours later, at 1:40am, there were three alarms in the northern Ramat Ha-Golan. The Spokeswoman for the Golan Heights Regional Council Dalia Amos announced that five rockets fell in open areas but no special instructions were given. Local residents reported that there were disruptions in the power supply as a result of the rocket attacks.