The Hashemite Monarchy has recently indicted the well-known Jordanian Palestinian pro-democracy activist Mudar Zahran, merely because he supports peace with the State of Israel. They have also hacked into his facebook account. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is free to operate within the country.

Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran Photo Credit: Facebook

The Alghad newspaper has recently reported that the well-known Jordanian Palestinian pro-democracy activist Mudar Zahran, who has been named as a possible successor to the Jordanian king, is going to be charged in Jordan with “inciting hatred” in a Jordanian military court where there is no right of appeal. According to the indictment, Zahran “has a page on one of the social media websites that holds articles and statements that defame Jordan and its one people.” The indictment added, “Since his arrival in the UK, he started writing in Israeli newspapers.”  Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood also claimed that Zahran will be tried for “writing in Israeli newspapers.”  The Jordanian prosecution has also charged Zahran with “inciting sectarian and ethnical hatred and calling for unrest.”  

 Zahran denies all of the charges against him.   He believes that the main reason why he has been targeted is because he supports peaceful coexistence with the State of Israel and equal rights for Christians living within the Hashemite Kingdom.   Jordanian opposition activist and former intelligence spy Ouni Abed Hadaddeen confirmed such assessments: “Zahran is neither a racist nor an inciter of hatred.  The King stood against Zahran just because Zahran wanted peace with Israel.” 

 To further back up his claims, Zahran cited that Taghreed Al-Rishik, a Jordanian journalist working for the state controlled media, stated: “It’s time to deal with such people.  The charge of inciting hatred has been given to Israel’s dear friend Mudar Zahran.”  She also tweeted to Zahran, “You should be ashamed of standing with your Israeli friends, supporting Israeli apartheid.  I would be quiet if I were you.”

 Zahran added that the only Israeli newspaper that he has ever written for is the Jerusalem Post.  “My work and TV appearances are clear to everyone. I have been calling for civil rights in Jordan and for change through peaceful means.  Also, I am openly for a secular state and I openly stand against the Islamists,” Zahran stressed.   He is also on record as referring to Jordan as an apartheid state similar to South Africa, due to the country’s mistreatment of its Palestinian population.

 “Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is a registered charity and has a legal political party,” Zahran stressed.  “The MB in Jordan is allowed to recruit members openly and to be active within all of the Kingdom’s mosques. The Muslim Brotherhood preachers are allowed by the King’s government to popularize hatred against Jews, Israelis and they speak openly about destroying Israel and non-Muslims.”

 Mudar Zahran’s indictment came one day after the Muslim Brotherhood was recognized as a terrorist organization in Egypt. Nonetheless, the Jordanian king has refused to take similar action against the Muslim Brotherhood and has stated so publically.  “This shows the King is tolerant of anti-Semites and Israel’s haters, even Islamists and fundamentalists, while he is going after a secular guy.  It also shows the king harbors and allows people who speak against Israel all the while he is trying the man who speaks for peace and for Israel in a military court,” Zahran emphasized. 

 Zahran fears for his life

 Zahran presently lives in Great Britain as a political refugee.   The Hashemite Kingdom is attempting to extradite Zahran to Jordan under a Memorandum of Understanding that they signed with Great Britain.   If the Jordanian monarchy doesn’t succeed to extradite him, they will try him in absentia.   Zahran has expressed fears that if he were to face trail in Jordan, he would be tortured and could possibly be assassinated under the radar screen, although the average prison sentence for the charges filed against him is three years.  

It is illegal for political refugees to be extradited to countries where they could face an almost certain death.  However, because Omar Abu Omar was sent to Jordan to face terrorist related charges under the same Memorandum of Understanding, Jordan is attempting to do the same with him.   Given all of these facts, indicting Mudar Zahran is morally wrong and it would be extremely unethical if Great Britain would send him back to Jordan under their Memorandum of Understanding with the Hashemite Kingdom, especially given the fact there is no evidence that the charges against him are true.   Zahran doesn’t believe the British will cave in, however.

 The Jordanian Intelligence also hacked into his facebook account

 In addition to going after Zahran via the Jordanian legal system, the Jordanian intelligence also hacked into his facebook account and deleted this author from his friends list, as an attempt to cut off Zahran from his connections with the Israeli media.   As a result of the ordeal, Zahran was cut off from many contacts of his and was forced to open a new facebook account.  Plus, the Jordanian intelligence has attempted to friend me on facebook and to follow my facebook account, due to the articles that I have written promoting Mudar Zahran and other Jordanian pro-democracy activists.   After they hacked into Zahran’s account, I would not be surprised if they printed out everything on my entire facebook page.   

 Zahran has added that since the Jordanian king seeks to try him in a military court known for its intolerance and that is run by Muhannad Hijazi, a military judge known for his anti-Christian views, alongside the fact that they have gone after his facebook account and are following his facebook friends, this proves that the Jordanian king views him as a real threat.  Contrary to certain claims made within the western media, he is a real leader of his people, possessing great influence over the Jordanian political opposition.  

 Furthermore, the fact that the king is trying a secular, anti-Islamist leader who wants to change Jordan through peaceful means and who seeks equal rights for Christians as well as peace with Israel, while the Muslim Brotherhood is free to preach hatred, anti-Semitism and calls for Jihad, while being a registered charity and a legal political party in Jordan, shows that the king is actually not anti-Islamist and in fact pro-Islamist, something Mudar Zahran has been claiming for years.  According to Zahran, “now, we have the evidence.”  As Zahran stated at the Menechem Begin Heritage Center in Israel last August, “Any Jordanian or Palestinian who approaches Israel friendly gets into trouble with the King. The king wants to establish the state of enemyhood between Jordanians and Israel.”