While Cairo believes that ISIS was behind the deadly terror attack on Friday in northern Sinai, the terrorist group has yet to issue a statement on the massacre. According to Channel 2’s Middle East analyst Ehud Yaari, the outrage from the local tribal groups could be the reason behind ISIS’ surprising silence.

The mosque after the terror attack

The mosque after the terror attack Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Egypt is still trying to recover from the deadly terror attack that took place in a mosque in northern Sinai on Friday. In the days that have passed since over 300 people were murdered, no terror group has claimed responsibility for the massacre. According to eye-witnesses, the terrorists were waving ISIS flags. However, the murderous terrorist group, which has a strong presence in Sinai, has yet to issue a statement on the attack.

According to Channel 2’s Middle East analyst Ehud Yaari, one of the reasons behind ISIS’ unusual silence could be the outrage from the tribal groups in Sinai following the massacre. The tribal leaders have unanimously condemned the attack.

“In the wake of ISIS’ silence, it appears that we are seeing for the first time that ISIS has been deterred from a deadly act that it carried out,” Yaari concluded. Meanwhile, the Egyptian Army has been targeting ISIS terrorists in Sinai, claiming that they were behind the attack.

On Sunday, the imam who was leading the Friday prayer at the Al-Rawdah mosque recalled the horrific moments of Egypt’s deadliest terror attack. During an interview with the local DMC TV channel, Imam Mohammed Raziq, who was injured in the attack, said that the terrorists shot every person they saw.

Raziq explained that the terror attack began shortly after the prayer ceremony commenced. “Two minutes after I took the podium, I heard an explosion that I thought took place outside of the mosque,” he recalled. “Immediately after that, some people entered and started to shoot the worshippers.”

“Of course, as soon as they [the worshipers] heard the gunshots, everyone started to flee,” he added. “The terrorists shot everybody, anyone who was breathing.” Raziq said that he did not see how many terrorists were in the mosque or what they looked like. “I could only feel their presence in the mosque,” he stated.