Forces fighting ISIS declared that the terrorist organization’s capital city of Raqqa is expected to fall within the next two days. Buses are already set up in order to evacuate the remaining terrorists and their families who are still located in the city.

Forces in Raqqa

Forces in Raqqa Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

ISIS is days away from defeat in Raqqa, Syria, claim sources from the Syrian-Kurdish militia YPG operating in the area. “The fighting continues and ISIS is on the border of elimination,” the militia’s spokesperson told Reuters. “Today or tomorrow, the city will be liberated.”

According to the spokesperson from the US-led coalition against the terrorist organization, about 100 ISIS terrorists have already surrendered within the past day and were forced out of the city. “We expect difficult fighting within the next few days and no definitive deadline has been set for final surrender in Raqqa,” coalition spokesperson Ryan Dillan wrote via email to Reuters.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, buses have been stationed in Raqqa in order to remove the remaining ISIS terrorists and their families from the city. Raqqa was the murderous terrorist organization’s capital city and is currently one of ISIS’s last remaining strongholds. Throughout the years it controlled the city, the terrorist organization would upload videos of the beheadings, stoning and executions that it carried out within the city.