According to a Western human rights monitor, ISIS terrorists slaughtered at least 128 shortly before al-Qaratayn was recaptured by Syrian government forces.

Photo credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

A Western human rights monitor in Syria said Monday that ISIS slaughtered 128 civilians in the city of al-Qaratayn shortly before it was recaptured by Syrian government forces earlier this week.

Al-Qaratayn, located about 100 km away from Palmyra, was captured by ISIS early in October and liberated this week. According to reports in Syria, some ISIS members surrendered while others fled after a long fight.

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump praised the liberation of another ISIS stronghold, Raqqa, by US-backed Syrian forces, saying the end of the terrorist group is “in sight.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“I am pleased to announce that the Syrian Democratic Forces, our partners in the fight against ISIS in Syria, have successfully recaptured Raqqa — the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed capital city,” Trump said in a statement. “Together, our forces have liberated the entire city from ISIS control.”

“The defeat of ISIS in Raqqa represents a critical breakthrough in our worldwide campaign to defeat ISIS and its wicked ideology,” he continued. “With the liberation of ISIS’s capital and the vast majority of its territory, the end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight.”

Trump added that the US will soon enter “a new phase” in Syria, which will focus on de-escalating violence and advancing “lasting peace.”

“Together, with our allies and partners, we will support diplomatic negotiations that end the violence, allow refugees to return safely home, and yield a political transition that honors the will of the Syrian people,” he said.