Syrian Liberation Army fighters have already recaptured parts of Raqqa, ISIS’s capital city in Syria, while reports out of the country claim that ISIS terrorists are surrendering. “We’re ready for them,” stated a Syrian fighter.

Watch: Liberation of Raqqa has begun

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US-backed Syrian forces began their last battle yesterday (Sunday) in the campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa, Syria, which is the ISIS terrorist organization’s capital city. Today, fighters have already reported about recapturing the city’s first line of homes, while they claim that strategic targets in the city are within sight. A Reuters reporter spoke with Syrian fighters, who claimed: “We’re ready for them.”

After long months of intense bombing by US-led coalition forces, the moderate rebels have successfully surrounded ISIS terrorists within small parts of the city, where heavy fighting is anticipated. “Yesterday, ISIS tried to send fighters towards our position lines and attack us from behind,” stated one of the rebel fighters. “We killed some of them and the rest fled towards the hospital.”

Syrian forces prepared to liberate Raqqa

Syrian forces prepared to liberate Raqqa Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over the next few days, the forces are projected to try and begin recapturing the city’s most strategic targets: The Municipal Stadium and the hospital. “They’re accumulating more and more forces in these places,” said a fighter named Ardel Raqqa, one of the field commanders. “They can either surrender, fight or die.”