According to the US State Department, 22 American embassy employees in Cuba have suffered physical damage from a dangerous sound. The US claims the noises were a deliberate attack against the diplomats.

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According to an Associated Press (AP) report, several US embassy workers in Havana, Cuba, have complained about a disturbing noise over the past year. The US claimed that the noises were a deliberate attack against the diplomats, who suffered from hearing, cognitive, visual, sleep and other problems.

The US State Department confirmed that 22 Americans are suffering from the attacks and the number might increase. Cuba denied any involvement and claimed to have no knowledge about the matter. Although the US hasn’t blamed anyone, it has accused the Cuban government of failing to protect the Americans in its territory.

Did Raul Castro order the attacks?

Did Raul Castro order the attacks? Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The noise-producing device has yet to be found but the casualties claimed that the noise hit them with great force. It is not clear whether there is a direct connection between exposure to the noise and the physical phenomena suffered by embassy staff.