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Rachel Avraham explains the implications for the rapid increase in Muslim immigration to Canada without having a proper vetting system in place accompanied by other Trudeau governmental policies that appease radical Islamists.

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According to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians welcome you regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.” On the surface, a statement like this gives hope to millions of people who live in war zones around the world that seek to immigrate to Canada. In 2016, UNICEF proclaimed that 1 in every 9 children was raised in a war zone. In 2015, 65.3 million individuals were displaced by war, violence and persecution. Many of these individuals would be infinitely grateful if they were given the opportunity to immigrate easily to Canada and to leave the nightmares they experience daily in their home countries behind them. However, at the same time, without a proper vetting system being in place, what will be the implications of this policy for Canadian society?

An anonymous source told JerusalemOnline that many of the immigrants who are making it into Canada lack the education and skills that are required in order to successfully be absorbed into Canadian society. The source noted that many of them speak neither English nor French, never finished high school much less college and many of the females among them marry quite young. At the same time, the source stressed that the Trudeau government is making it harder for educated refugees associated with the liberal Syrian Opposition that already speak English and thus have the tools to be successfully absorbed into Canadian society to enter into the country. In a best case scenario, this policy will be a gigantic financial burden for Canadian society because the government will have to invest in teaching these immigrants who do arrive the skills that are required for them to be successfully integrated. In a worst case scenario, it will create a situation similar to Europe, where the rapid influx of uneducated Muslim immigrants has dramatically increased the terror threat, crime rate and caused a series of other issues.

According to Iranian human rights activist Shabnam Assadollahi, Canada accepted 300,000 in 2016 and has the same quota for this year. Alongside the rapid increase in Muslim immigration within the country, the radical Islamist threat has also become more alarming within Canada. Not too long ago, there was a protest in Toronto that was hosted by the Organizing Committee against Islamophobia, which around 500 people attended, where a speaker called the Canadian government white supremacist, fascist and colonial. Aside from condemning Canada for voting against Palestinian statehood, the protesters called upon the Canadian government to repeal the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, which was established in order to combat forced marriages, female genital mutilation and honor killings.

Assadollahi noted that individuals who support appeasing radical Islamist ideology have gained prominence under the Trudeau government in the name of promoting multiculturalism. She claims that Trudeau’s policies encourage immigrants not to integrate and to hold onto their own traditions when it comes to gender equality, human rights and other critical issues. Assadollahi stressed that their traditions clash with Canadian values. In order to highlight this point, she noted that Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmad Hussen was originally a Somali refugee that immigrated to Canada at age 16. 

For many, Hussen’s ascent from being a refugee to a minister is inspiring. He himself has a modern wife who does not wear a hair covering and has done extensive work helping other immigrants. “I am extremely proud of our country’s history as a place of asylum, a place that opens its doors and hearts to new immigrants and refugees, and I’m especially proud today to be the minister in charge of that file,” Hussen said outside the House of Commons. Yet Assadollahi stated with concern that Hussen pushed for C-6 in order to rescind C-28, an act that will lead to terrorists being able to reclaim their Canadian citizenship.  Due to this action, convicted terrorist Zakaria Amara, who plotted to raid the Canadian House of Commons and to behead former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, will be getting his Canadian citizenship back. Hussen was also one of 43 liberal MPs to abstain or to be absent during a vote denouncing the BDS Movement. She implied that while he himself may be modern, his policies have resulted in appeasing radical Islamists but he is not the only one in the Trudeau government who holds such views. In fact, Trudeau himself is willing to tolerate the niqab in the name of multi-culturalism and he also opposes calling honor killings as well as female gentile mutilation “barbaric.” Thus, under the rule of the Trudeau government, Muslims who espouse radical beliefs in Canada have been empowered and given open entry into the country.

The empowerment of radical Islam within Canada accompanied by massive Muslim immigration affects all of Canadian society. CSIS Director Michel Coulombe told the National Post that the Canadian government faced a series of cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers and terror groups recently: “It should come as no surprise that terrorism and violent extremism remained the most immediate threat to Canada’s national security and represented our top priority. The number of terrorism-related threats, the speed at which they evolve, and the use of technology and social media, has created some very real and complicated challenges.”

For Assadollahi, all of this is deeply troubling. She sees a connection between the increased security threats that Canada faces and the augmented number of Muslims immigrating to Canada without a proper vetting system. She told JerusalemOnline: “I am an Iranian immigrant having come to Canada many decades ago to escape the oppression of Islam and Sharia Law that leads to imprisonment and death for those who do not submit in those places. I also lived in Turkey for a time where other persecution existed towards minority groups not holding a form of Islam many Turkish Muslims possessed. There are different Muslim people from those Muslim nations coming here to Canada and the West. Some, like myself, come seeking opportunity, freedom, safety and a new experience and integrated life under true democracy but others come with the darkened paradigms accompanied by an ancient and oppressive ideology. This is the case among so many refugees. Even in our Canadian mosques, some Imams are praying for the death of Jews. Here, some Muslims are also encountering persecution from other Muslims, Shiite vs. Sunni, for example. And, drug cartels and Islam have formed alliances to the South that make them wealthy while endangering the general population.”

“Throwing open our gates to everybody without proper vetting is not wise,” she concluded. “My statement isn’t one of bigotry but of concern for all people, no matter what is their race or religion. Whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Mexican, Native, etc., we must keep out crime to protect the decent people of the world. We Canadians do want immigrants to come but not without reasonable caution and circumspect consideration. I have been working with refugees and newcomers for over two decades. The majority of the people that I have been working with share the same concerns. Please, Canada, let us all work together for common sense immigration. Let us hold accountable Prime Minister Trudeau so that he will represent all of us.”