There is an unprecedented political crisis in Turkey. Yesterday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan dismissed half of his ministers on corruption allegations. Erdogan has reacted angrily to the investigation and claimed that it is a conspiracy to overthrow his government.

The beginning of the end?

The beginning of the end? Photo Credit: AP

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated last night that he exchanged no less than 10 of his ministers, constituting half of his government.  Erdogan’s action is being implemented after three other senior level ministers resigned over corruption allegations.

 After the Turkish Prime Ministers announcement, around 5,000 demonstrators in Istanbul called on Erdogan to resign.  The demonstration ended without any unusual incident occurring and the protesters dispersed peacefully.

 The present Turkish government is presently in the worst crisis since the AKP Party came to power in 2002.  The crisis erupted 10 days ago, when senior level Turkish officials were arrested following suspicion of engaging in widespread corruption.

 Erdogan has responded that the allegations are baseless and are a conspiracy to overthrow his government.  After spending over 11 years in power, Erdogan has worked systematically to eliminate sources of power that can threaten his government.  He weakened the army, changed the constitution, pursued the opposition, and acted against media outlets that were hostile towards his political party.