Even though the polls indicate that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be re-elected for her fourth term, German Jews are worried about the rising far-right party that will most likely win seats in the parliament for the first time.


Merkel Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The voting booths across Germany opened this morning (Sunday) for the critical federal election. According to the polls, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to be re-elected for her fourth term. Over the recent weeks, the gap between Merkel and her biggest rival, leader of the Social Democratic Party and former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, has grown, giving her a double-digit advantage.

Meanwhile, the German Jewish community is concerned about the high probability that the far-right wing party Alternative for Germany (AFD) will win seats in the parliament for the first time. According to the polls, AFD could become the third largest party in the country. In response to the concerning poll results, 35 senior rabbis and Jewish communities in Germany called on Jews to vote in this critical election in order to weaken the far-right party.