New satellite imagery from the facility reveals that the Iranians are working to repair the damage caused and to return the facility to regular activities. The extensive damage provides further evidence of the strength of the explosion and the severity of the fire that ensued, which killed two people.

Parchin Nuclear Reactor

Parchin Nuclear Reactor Photo Credit: Channel 2

Two weeks after a mysterious explosion in Parchin and after a fire broke out in the area, new satellite images provide evidence that the Iranians have begun to restore the damage caused by the powerful explosion in the nuclear facility.

The images were published by the research center of David Albright in Washington, DC, who showed pictures of trucks and piles of rubble. The fact that the reconstruction work expands across a relatively wide area can attest to the strength of the explosion and the ensuing blast.

An analysis of the satellite images also showed that the center of the blast were two large buildings that were completely destroyed. No less than six other structures were damaged nearby, which was further proof of the strength and extent of the explosion. In a number of the pictures, openings to bunkers appear which were probably used to store explosives or to carry out explosions.

The mysterious explosion in the nuclear facility occurred when Sana News Agency reported that a fire broke out in a unit that produces explosive materials. According to the reports in Iranian media outlets, two people were killed as a result of the blast, including an Iranian nuclear expert.

In the Parchin nuclear facility, experiments are conducted on neutron triggers, a fuse that should be mounted onto a nuclear bomb. The fact that the Iranians do not permit IAEA inspectors to enter into the facility raises suspicions about what is going on there.