An eighth grade student who walked with her sister in her home village in Northern India after finishing the school day was attacked by three men that raped her cruelly. After the young girl threatened to speak about their actions in the village, they sought to cover up the evidence and set the minor on fire, resulting in the young girl dying from her injuries.

A demonstration in India against raping women

A demonstration in India against raping women Photo Credit: Reuters

An additional cruel rape took place in India.  Local media outlets reported that a young 13-year-old girl was gang raped by three men and after that, they placed her on fire, resulting in her burning to death.

According to reports, two days before, the young girl walked with her older sister in their home village, in the area of Uttar Pradesh in Northern India, when suddenly three men attacked her and dragged her to a secluded area.  The sister told the local police that while the 13-year-old was being brutally raped, the girl threatened to tell the people who lived in her village about the rapists’ actions.

After implementing their horrid plot on the young girl, the attackers decided to put her on fire and this is most likely due to the threat.  Her sister quickly summoned help from relatives and the young girl was rushed to a hospital where she suffered from burns on 80% of her body, but she soon died of her injuries.

 This was not the only horrific rape case recorded as taking place in India recently.  A few days ago, a young 12-year-old girl was kidnapped at gunpoint and cruelly raped.  In an incident that happened in the city of Hyderabad in Southern India, a 22-year-old young woman was kidnapped and raped by two taxi drivers, who threatened her life and the safety of her family if she reported their actions.

 In an infamous case that occurred in December of last year in India, a storm was caused within the country after it became known to the public that a 23-year-old student was gang-raped and beaten heavily with a wheel jack handle by six people traveling on a private bus with her in New Delhi.  Her male friend that was with her was beaten up and left unconscious when he tried to rescue her.  She suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines, and genital areas due to the gang rape.  The rape was so brutal that she died of her injuries while undergoing medical treatment following the incident in Singapore, 13 days after the horrific incident.  

 The cruel incident sparked a wave of protests across India, where thousands of people demonstrated in the streets, drawing attention to violence against women occurring within the country.   Following the uproar, the juvenile rapist was sentenced to three years imprisonment, while the four adult rapists were sentenced to death by hanging.  An additional rapist committed suicide.  The Indian government also started to take additional steps to protect Indian women against gender-based violence.   

 The female victim was posthumously awarded as one of the 2013 winners of the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award.  The US government cited, “For millions of Indian women, her personal ordeal, perseverance to fight for justice, and her family’s continued bravery in helping to lift the stigma and vulnerability that drive violence against women” is what prompted the award.