One of the most polluted rivers in the world, and one considered to be sacred for the followers of Hinduism, will be cleared soon – through technology and Israeli knowledge. “We offered the government of India our knowledge and we said we wanted to be involved in cleaning the Ganga River,” said the Head of the Economic Mission of Israel in India

Will the water will be clear soon? Polluted Ganges River

Will the water will be clear soon? Polluted Ganges River Photo: Reuters

Israel has offered the government of India help with one of the largest environmental projects in the country’s history – restoration of the polluted Ganges River – the country’s media reported.

“We have met with the Minister for Water Resources of the Government of India, as well as a number of other government officials and expressed our interest in taking part in the project”, said the head of the Israel Economic Mission in India, Yonatan Ben-Zaken, to a local newspaper.

Ben-Zaken said that Israel is known for its water treatment restoration projects, especially for agriculture. “We offered our technology and knowledge on the topic and said we want to be involved,” said the head of the economic delegation.

Ganges River Restoration Project is one of the most significant projects of the Government of India. The river is used as a water source for hundreds of millions of people, who use it for almost all their needs.

The main river in the northern India region is considered to be of special holiness in the Hindu religion, but over the years due to the increase of the population and lack of a proper sewage infrastructure the Ganges has become contaminated, and today is one of the dirtiest rivers in the world.