Dr. K.A. Paul, a well known peacemaker that campaigned for US President Barack Obama, stressed that the Iranian regime cannot be trusted and that Obama knows that they are very close to having the bomb but this has not affected his actions. He also indicated that the whole NATO intervention in Libya could have been prevented and has evidence to prove it.

Dr. K.A. Paul

Dr. K.A. Paul Photo Credit: Dr. K.A. Paul

In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, a noted peacemaker who campaigned for US President Barack Obama named Dr. K.A. Paul told JerusalemOnline that he had numerous successes working with various dictatorships but it is not possible to reason with Iran: “I worked closely with many dictators and advised 148 presidents and prime ministers around the globe over 30 years.  In 1999, when Wesley Clark was Commander of Chief based in Yugoslavia, within ten days, I was able to bring the POW’s back.  I was able to convince the President of Liberia Charles Taylor to step down and to go into exile as well as for Hattian rebel leader Philippe to stop the killings; but I could not convince my friend Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif to stop their evil plans.”

Dr. Paul indicated that the whole NATO-led intervention in Libya could have been prevented, saving countless lives and avoiding the inevitable power vacuum in that resource and weapons-rich country that radicals have filled: “I have a letter from Libyan Prime Minister Moammar Qaddafi where he agreed to do everything asked of them including stepping down after I had 27 lengthy calls with several of them joined by Hillary Clinton and former US Ambassador Stevens as well as the US State Department Task Force. I can prove the phone records and Wesley Clark will testify to the truth. They said that they would surrender and call for elections in Libya. Qaddafi would step down and leave the country. I would arrange for the whole family to leave.” He furthermore added: “I convinced Sudan’s President to sacrifice the South to stop the bloody sectarian war. For eight months, the Obama team including Susan Rice came to Khartoum, promising to lift the sanctions and offering me a great deal of respect but then reversed their position on the sanctions. In short, they manipulated and lied.”

Unlike Sudan, Libya, and the other countries mentioned, who thanks to him offered various compromises, he noted that Iran would not agree to concede on anything: “Iran would not release one pastor, not to mention the journalists, who have been falsely accused. They don’t want to do anything because President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry are behaving like the anti-Christ against Israel like no other US President and I know five of them, including Jimmy Carter who was my good friend for two decades.”

“The Iranian leaders were all upset for decades about how the Americans treated them and believe the only way to teach Israel and the US a lesson is to have the bomb,” he explained. “Even knowing that I’m a man of peace, they threatened openly in front of me to wipe out Israel and I had a heated argument with them over it on their own soil. I also became close over the years to a nuclear scientist when I visited Parchin; this person said they are very close to making a bomb and provided a surprising amount of detail. So Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intelligence is correct that they are very close. I think the US President knows it but he is being used by the devil clearly.”

Dr. Paul has also published 10 reasons why the Iran deal should be rejected in the Jewish Post, which has been addressed to US Congressmen and Senators: “Iran cannot be trusted to keep its promises based upon decades of empirical evidence and their past performance. Iran’s top leaders including the Ayatollah himself have clearly stated that they would not change their armament plans and that they have a right to such weapons. Iran has refused to agree on any of the initial deal-breaking demands from the US. Iran continues to sponsor terrorism throughout the region. Iran’s leaders call for the death of Israel and the death of America even now. The Iran deal will allow this radical state to develop weapons like North Korea. Iran is more committed to wiping out Israel than ever before. With the growing support of Russia and China, Iran is already preparing for WWIII and believes that it is the nation’s destiny to bring it about. Therefore, to save Israel is to the save the Middle East and the world; members of Congress must stop trying to appease this White House, their respective party leaders and the international community.”

Even now, before the deal has been ratified by the US Congress, Dr. Paul noted that the situation has already deteriorated: “Inexplicably, genocidal State sponsor of terror Iran is getting an unprecedented lifting of sanctions with a flow of 250 billion dollars in cash. They are already negotiating and purchasing weapons from Russia, which is breaking the law. The man who was not supposed to travel outside Iran already traveled. I can assure you 100% that this deal is intended to destabilize the entire Middle East, undermining my friends in all of the GCC nations, and it will lead to deadly consequences for the security of Israel. It makes no sense whatsoever.”

According to Dr. Paul, Obama, whom he once respected, wrote a book promoting and campaigned for due to him being one of the few to heed his opposition to the Iraq War, is now leading an administration that is trying to hide the truth and is persecuting people that oppose them: “Obama and Kerry are using an unseen force to make threats. The White House Press Secretary threatened Senator Chuck Schumer after he opposed the deal that he cannot be the Democratic Leader in the Senate. I have been threatened not to talk about this deal because I am the only man that knows many of their secrets. I never opened my mouth for five years, even after the tragedy of Libya. I waited to go public hoping to convince the Obama team to do the right thing and not to do the Iran deal but they did not listen to me. Therefore, I have no choice before God and man but to expose their evil foreign policy. I know that my life is at serious risk at the hands of the Iranian regime and the Obama administration.”