A 37 year old man from Iran who was hung for drug smuggling last month and did not die – will not be hung a second time, so announced the Minister of Justice.

Execution in Iran. Archive

Execution in Iran. Archive Photography: AP

Back from the dead: An Iranian citizen who was sentenced to death by the court survived hanging and as a result he will not be hung again – announced the Minister of Justice in the Islamic republic.

According to Iranian news agency ISNA, the Justice Minister said that there “is no need” to hang Eliraza, the 37 year old man, who was sentenced to death for drug smuggling, again. The man was hung for 12 minutes – after which he was declared dead.

His family, who went to transport his body from prison the next day, was surprised to discover him alive and breathing. They quickly called for rescue services, who took him to the nearby hospital where he slipped into a coma while under police guarding.

Last week international organization “amnesty” called for the authorities in Iran to spare Eliraza’s life, while senior jurists debated whether he should be subjected to hanging a second time. Today the decision was made to pardon him, despite of the punishment system in the country being known for its lack of tolerance towards drug related offences.