The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry stated Monday that his country’s “reaction would be firm, decisive and crushing” should the US designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group. He also said that such an announcement would be a “strategic mistake,” echoing the statements made yesterday by the IRGC commander.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

After Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari criticized Washington amid the reports about US President Donald Trump’s plan to designate the IRGC a terrorist group, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi threatened the US.

During a press conference Monday, Qasemi said that such a declaration would be a “strategic mistake,” as quoted by Iran’s Tasnim news agency. Qasemi added that the move would prompt a “firm, decisive and crushing” reaction from Iran.

“If the US is stupid enough to designate the IRGC a terrorist group, then the IRGC will treat the US Army the way we treat ISIS,” Jafari stated yesterday. The commander added that if the nuclear agreement is violated by Washington, the US will need to move its bases in the region far away from Iran’s borders. “These sanctions will conclude our attempts to have relations with the world powers,” he continued. “Iran will then know that a dialogue is a form of pressure and hostility from the Americans, not a way to resolve problems.”

“Tehran will ask to resolve the region’s problems away from the negotiating table because there’s nothing to talk about and there’s no partner with whom to talk,” he stated. “The behavior of the US toward Iran shows that we can’t base our foreign policy on the nuclear agreement alone.”